I am sitting on my comfy couch, feet propped up, kiddies in bed and hubby asleep next to me.  I just figured out how to get my blog up and running – I think.  It’s been a marathon of a day with the kids, and I am about ready to crash in bed.  But before I do, I had a small, yet helpful, realization today that I want to get down in text before the impact of it escapes me.

It’s something that I surely knew in principal, but the truth of it smacked me in the head today.  It’s simply this: I effect, and often control, the tone of the home.  If I am calm, patient and kind, then my kids will lean more towards those traits.  If I am harsh, impatient and snippy, then any hope for harmony goes out the window.

There is no better reflection of this than my 4-year-old daughter.  She mirrors me in the best, and WORST ways.  I cringe at times as I hear her speak to her sister in a tone that I know she learned from me.  Yet today, in a moment when my flesh wanted to throw a big ole hissy fit, I managed to restrain myself, bite my tongue long enough to gain composure, and respond with a soft answer in a kind tone of voice.  What was surely destined to be a battle of wills, lots of loud speaking and anger all around, instead was quickly resolved without a single tear and without a single shout.

And on that note, I say ‘goodnight’