Driving home from a lovely Easter dinner at my Grandma’s house, I shared with my husband my excitement for this blog, and all the reasons I decided to blog.  One of the most compelling reasons, as I shared with him, was the way I think that putting my thoughts and experiences down on paper (or on a screen) will unearth the many recurring sins in my life.  With three small children, and their constant demands for attention, correction and help, I am daily tested in the areas of patience, kindness, gentleness (the list goes on).   I am also daily failing in these areas.  As long as I keep these sins to myself, it is easy to justify them in my own mind.  But, to expose these sins, in a public forum, will cause me to come face to face with the truth, and deal with that truth.

Exposing sin, and knowing that others (all 3 of you) will read about those struggles, is the ultimate pride killer.  Any desire to ‘fake-it’ becomes pointless.  In an instant, any conscious or unconscious attempt to appear to have it all together becomes purposeless.  I already knew that such false impressions offer no spiritual benefit, yet pride often compels me to make myself appear better than others.  Once the truth is out, that pride is removed, and I can be honest about the chaos that can often run my life.

Pride is such a hinderance to authentic relationships, yet so often pride is the earmark of my life.  On this day I celebrate the humility of my Savior, as He gave Himself up to be crucified in my place, and His resurrection, winning victory over sin and death.  He was punished for every prideful thought and act.  He won the victory, now empowering me to battle that pride through His Spirit.  May I daily be reminded of these truths.

As I humble myself through these posts, and offer a glimpse into my family, I pray that you too will be challenged to battle pride in your life, wherever it may rear its ugly head.

Happy Easter.