Dora is a popular figure in our household.  Screeches and shrieks of joy erupt when I announce that they can watch Dora – and not just from the girls.  The name Dora evokes sheer joy from our 1-year-old boy as well, so much so that his first word was actually a name — Dora!

For those unfamiliar with Dora, there  is a grumpy old troll who appears from time to time, who lives under the bridge.  Dora and Boots are always in need of crossing that bridge, but the grumpy old troll won’t let them pass unless they can solve his riddle.

Recently, Abigail has decided to try some riddles of her own.  We’ll be driving, and she’ll say, ‘Mommy, what is green, and grows on the ground?’  After a few false guesses, I’ll give her what she is looking for, ‘grass.’

Well, I have a riddle of my own for today.

What is shared so freely between siblings yet does not please Mama one little bit.

Anyone?   Anyone?  Bueller?

UPDATE:  Congrats Laura!  The only thing my kids will consistently share is their germs.  We’ve been going round and round passing colds and viruses for 3 weeks now.  When is it going to stop??????  Never thought I’d say it, but ‘kids, please stop sharing!!’