Okay, I had no intention of writing 2 posts on this (here and here), let alone 3, yet after the last post, my thoughts ran over to how this applies in teaching character.  A word came to me that I think summarizes this nicely:


Am I modeling for my children how they should strive to live?  If they were to strive to be like me, would that be a good thing?

Do I model for my girls patience and kindness in dealing with each other?  The familiar saying, things are “more often caught than taught” really applies here.  I may tell my girls to be patient, but if they see mom being quite impatient all the time, they will quickly see through that hypocrisy.

Seeing and hearing the way my 4-year-old deals with her younger sister can be a barometer for me.  The tone of her voice likely reflects the tone she hears from me.  Sadly, that tone is often harsh.

When one of my girls ask for help on some task, I can offer that help in one of two ways:

A: huff, mumble under my breath at the inconvenience and harshly do the task being requested.

B: offer a gentle response, letting them know that I take joy in helping.

Life is lived moment by moment.  In each moment, I can move closer to the image of Christ through my thoughts, words and actions.  I can also help my children move closer to the image of Christ by properly reflecting Christ to them.

I am always modeling character.  The question is am I modeling godly character or sinful character?