I’m a bit squishier than I was in my hay-day when I played sports, and would bike for hours, just for fun.  Now I play legos and chase my 4-year-old and she bikes around.  It seems to be a universally accepted excuse to be a few pounds too heavy after having produced three children, and I’d take the excuse…except it isn’t true.  Oh, it’s true that I’m a few pounds heavier, but it has nothing to do with having children.  In fact, I’ve gotten progressively skinnier with each additional child – the best diet plan ever!!

After each pregnancy, my immediate weight postpartum has been less than my pre-pregnancy weight.  I’m not exactly sure how I’ve done that, but I always remark that pregnancy agrees with me.  I think much of it has to do with the fact that when I am eating for two, I eat like a borderline health nut, and when I am eating for one, not so much.

Anyways, it has been many years since I have been fit, and I have come to realize that during my soccer days, to say ‘I’m out of shape’ meant that I get winded too fast while running 3-5 miles over the course of a soccer game.  So I have learned that ‘out of shape’ is very much a relative term.  I’ll take those ‘out of shape’ soccer days anytime now!

Each year I vow to shape up, and each year I come up with excuses for why I cannot – all focusing on lack of convenience.  Well, life is not getting any more convenient as more children are added to our family, so it’s about time I just bite the bullet and JUST DO IT…a slogan I can grab onto.

I have my Vibram FiveFingers (picture to follow) and will receive my new, fancy shmancy double jogging stroller tomorrow (which cost an obscene amount that I’d be too embarrassed to actually post).  I’ll be alternating between having my 4-year-old ride her bike, and packing one of the three in my Ergo baby carrier (wow, I sound like one big advertisement).

I don’t do well with generic goals like “get in shape.”  So here’s the target

Thanksgiving Day 2010 – Smithtown Turkey Trot.  Goal under 24 minutes.

In just under 7 months I’ll have the results