So my ‘Bob’ (as the locals call it) arrived today during my girls’ quiet time/nap time.   Alexander and I excitedly ran to unwrap my new purchase – well, I was excited for the purchase, Alexander was excited that he got to play in the garage.  This thing is COOL!  As soon as the girlies were awake from nap time, I loaded everyone up, and off we went.

Alexander laughing. He had a good time on the way there.

Our first adventure was to the grocery store for a little food shopping.   Alexander got to ride shotgun on my back with the girls in the stroller.  We got some looks from people in the store, with whispers and pointing at us.  Coulda been the stroller, coulda been the 3 kids in tote, with one hanging off my back, or maybe a combination of both.  Regardless, I am highly impressed.  This thing turns on a dime, easily fits through the doors and even the check out counter.  (I had a double jogging stroller previously and actually got stuck in the check out lane once, that was embarrassing)

We were about .5 miles from home on our ~3 mile round trip when Alexander decided, quite adamantly, that he was done with being in the Ergo. Ordinarily, I’d just have Abigail walk so I could put him in the stroller, but the girls decided not to wear shoes.  So Abigail went in the Ergo, and Alexander got to sit.  He was happy, my legs were not.  Like blobs of jelly, I huffily made it home.

I am now exhausted, but feel great.  My reward, some yummy cookies we picked up at the store.  I guess I still need to work on the diet side of this equation.  At least I’ll sleep well tonight!

My view during our walk. This is the top of the stroller