I have a big secret.  A secret I intentionally keep very hidden from my children.  A secret that would cause an uprising if they found out.  A secret that, if uncovered, would raise the inevitable question, ‘mom, if it’s not good for us, then why are you having some?’  Here’s my secret: I snack when they are asleep.  That’s it.  At nap time, after bed time, even sometimes when they are awake but aren’t looking, I sneak chocolate, ice cream, and other goodies that I often deny to them.  Not every day, mind you, but much more than is good for me.

My reasons for this aren’t all bad.

Sure, often I’m just too lazy to deal with the inevitable mess that will result from such snacks. Ice cream on the hands, ice cream all over the face, ice cream on the rug, ugh.  (I don’t make those messes you see)

Yes, I just want mealtime to be over already so I can shoo them up to their room for nap time, or get them washed up for bedtime.  Anything that will extend ‘awake time’ is just not welcome at that point, a mama needs some quiet time you know.  (with the kids in bed, I can throughly enjoy the treat)

But, I also know just how awful these foods are for them.  Pure garbage, no benefit. At such young ages, they don’t need at junk put in their bodies (compared to me, I’m already grown).  I am responsible for the care of their little bodies.  I make decisions for them, until they are old enough to make their own decisions.  (never mind that I don’t do as I say)

So, you see, I’m not just motivated by my unwillingness to share the last brownies, it’s really my concern for the little, growing bodies.  I don’t want sugar and other psuedo-food going into their delicate little bodies in the same quantity that it goes into mine.  I don’t want them to see my poor eating habits, which will likely turn into their poor eating habits.

That makes my hypocrisy okay, right?