So I’ve been camped out in James 1 for a while.   I stepped out of the shower this morning thinking about how I am more characterized by being slow to hear, quick to speak and quick to anger, and was grieved by that realization .  God, in His Sovereignty, provided me a wonderful opportunity to exercise my will in this area less than an hour later.

Seated for breakfast, we were enjoying an array of juices and smoothies.  Annabella asks for a sip of mine.  I slide it over, and turn my attention to Alexander feed him.  As quick as I turn my head to Alexander, there is the dreaded sound of a cup hitting the floor, and with it, purple smoothie all over the wall, the rug and the chair.  I know my middle child well enough to know that this probably wasn’t an accident.

Fighting every urge to scream, I bit my tongue, and ask calmly, ‘what happened.’  Upon gaining confirmation that this was indeed on purpose, I escorted my child upstairs to hand out some correction – which was down in an amazingly calm matter, considering the circumstances.  We returned downstairs where I cleaned up the mess, and finished the meal with the kids.

I didn’t quite model ‘slow to anger’, as anger arose quite quickly, and I wasn’t perfect on ‘slow to speak’ and my voice did get loud when the culprit initially refused to provide an answer, and again at the innocent bystander who needed to ask a million questions while I was cleaning up (none of which were helpful).

But, I can say without hesitation, that the Lord is faithful.  That the incident was a lot less ugly than it could have been.  That I was a lot calmer than I often am.  That, while anger was certainly present, it was much more subdued than usual.  I was in control of it, rather than it being in control of me.

So, while perfection is still a long way off, sanctification is present and active in my life.  For that, I am very grateful!