One of the many perks of being a mommy is the permission to be goofy.  There is an expectation that adults would act with a certain measure of decorum, at least while out in public.  I mean when is the last time you saw a group of grown women playing tag or hide and go seek?  If you saw an adult, alone, skipping, hopping or jumping down the street, you’d likely think she’d lost her marbles.

But, when I’m out and about with my kiddos, I can have a footrace to the store entrance.  I can skip down the sidewalk while singing.  I can even twirl around while swinging one of my tiny tots.  And instead of folks looking at me and thinking, ‘that lady is weird, lets move to the other side of the street’, they look, smile and think, ‘how fun.’  And it is fun.

I doesn’t get much better than that.