I managed to escape childhood without too much damage.  It’s a miracle really, considering the sports I played, the feats I tried, the trees climbed, the trees fallen from, and all the other stupid kids stuff.  It’s a pretty impressive record: no stitches, no confirmed broken bones (I suspect I broke my pinkie finger in middle school, but that was never confirmed), I even avoided the seemingly inevitable ACL surgery that so many female soccer players endure.

I guess I always assumed that my kids would have their share of bruises, bumps and scrapes, but overall come out unscathed.

Well, today, that hope ended.  My poor Abigail had a run in with a tree.

Out for a walk, Abigail on her bike, she comes pedaling down a curb cut too fast, and is stopped by a tree.  I didn’t see it happen as she was behind us, but I heard her cry when she fell.  I rushed over and saw her right arm was a little swollen and her left thumb had a nice, hearty cut.  She was carrying on and on, and I figured she was just being dramatic.

We made our way home, me carrying her bike, Annabella walking so that Abigail could sit in the stroller with her brother.  Thankfully, we weren’t too far.

When we got home, I cleaned up her cut.  I honestly thought that was the source of her fussing.  Unfortunately I was wrong.

I put her in bed to rest and took a look at that other arm.  That’s when I saw how swollen it was, and not like a bruise.  It was swollen all the way around.  I knew something was really wrong.

Let me make clear, anyone who knows me knows that I don’t generally overreact when it comes to kids and injuries.  When my kids fall, my usual response is, ‘well, get up, shake it off’.  There will be no wimps on my watch.  Mama is not going to jump up unless there is some serious blood.  But when I saw her arm, I knew it wasn’t just a cranky 4-year-old.  I knew something was seriously wrong.

Well, my intuition was spot on, unfortunately.  My poor baby broke her wrist, both bones.  We head to the orthopedist on Monday to get a cast.  She wants pink.