Why do I care what other people think?  Why do I care what strangers think?  What is the rationale behind allowing my pride (displayed in my misplaced concern over the opinions of others) to influence my actions and even the way I treat my children?

These are some of the thoughts that have flooded my mind today.

In the morning, I treated the kids to some bagels.  Annabella was pushing Alexander in the stroller, a job she LOVES to do.  We were entering the bagel store, and she got stuck on the little bump in the doorway.  She didn’t want my help (Ms. Independent) and it took her all of 5 seconds to clear the doorway.  It’s amazing the thoughts and emotions I had in those 5 seconds.

Someone was coming in behind us.  They experienced 2.5 seconds of the delay due to Annabella’s navigation skills…the slightest holdup.  Nevertheless, I became embarrassed, which led to impatience, which ended with me being a bit snippy to her as she struggled to get in.  WHAT IN THE WORLD IS WRONG WITH ME?

My concern over the opinions of this stranger led to me speaking to my child in an unkind manner.  How does one even get from here to there??

This isn’t the first time that I reacted this way to some MINOR inconvenience by one of the kids.  I act as if I need to apologize for my children being children.

I’m not talking about them acting like obnoxious little brats, rudeness or other unacceptable behaviors here.  It’s merely childishness, and childishness in its most minuscule form.

To top it off, I have yet to encounter a person that was nearly as annoyed as me in any of these scenarios.  So my embarrassment isn’t even justified from that side of the argument.  Most of the time the folks seem amused at my kids.

And when I see other kids do the things I’m talking about here, I usually smile and admire the wonderfulness of children.  So why do I assume others would do any different?