While out enjoying some bagels with my kids, I noticed a pack of older kids that were all together.  An end of the year trip, senior cut day, or maybe 1/2 days for testing.  I don’t know why all these kids were out and about, but it was clear they were high schoolers.  And it struck me, just how many of them were rather large, to be P.C. (which I’m usually not!)

I graduated high school 11 years ago.  I recall 1 ‘fat-kid’ in our class, and a few others that were chunky.  Maybe it was the crowd I was always around, being an athlete, but I don’t think so.  In all my classes, in all the interaction between classes in the halls, there just weren’t a ton of fat folks.  But today, I couldn’t believe how many kids I saw that were obese, I mean really really obese.  And it just made me sad.

Sad for those kids, who surely have a lifetime of health problems on the horizon, if not already. Sad for our culture, that has 8 year olds who weigh more than healthy adults.  Sad for their parents.  I can’t help but think what was mom and dad doing?  You don’t get to be 400 pounds, or even 100 pounds over night.

In a world were ‘food’ is purchased while driving your car and handed to you through a window, this is the future.

In our beloved country, that has embraced socialized health care, you and I now have the *privilege* of paying for the health care of these folks, who will suffer many conditions over their lifetime due to their poor eating habits.  That’s kind of a twist on Robin Hood, rob from responsible to give to the irresponsible.

Ah, what a great country we live in.