Every mom knows the experience of being at the end of the rope.  One more thing going wrong, no matter how small, and you’ll snap.  One more annoying noise, and monster mom will appear, like the Hulk transforming before their eyes.

In the car today, the 1-year-old decides to start shrieking.  It was a new noise for him.  He loves to sing, and I love to hear his singing.  He certainly knows how to yell when he isn’t happy.  But this was neither pleasant singing, nor defiant anger, it was…shrieking.  And LOUD.  My girls found it funny, and joined in.

So now I have 3 kids in the back, after a long morning (mom is tired) making all sorts of noises.  Even if I had the energy to go through any kind of correction, they wouldn’t have heard me anyways.

So, what’s a mom to do?

Join in, of course.

I started making noises, in time with his rhythmic sounds.  We had an orchestra of 4 voices making all sorts of noises.  And ya know what?  It was kind of fun.  Not only did it keep me from losing my mind, but it passed the time until we got home.

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.