I feel I need to start with a disclaimer:  I use the title of today’s post with much hesitancy, because while we strive for godliness, we fall short each and every day.  Nevertheless, a true Christian family is distinguishable from the world.

I took my kids to have breakfast at their Nana’s (my mom) restaurant last week.  I  was surprised to learn that one of the waitresses was pregnant, expecting the new arrival very shortly.  She is the girlfriend of my cousin, and a former coworker of my husband, when he helped my mom get her place up and going the first few months.  Clearly out of the loop, I had no idea she was pregnant.

We left breakfast, and my brain was swimming with thoughts.  Firstly, just how out of the loop I am…how was this not mentioned at some point.  But I digress.

I am the only Christian in my family.  My mom’s dad was a faithful Lutheran, although I do not know whether he was a believer. Whatever faith he had, it was not transferred to the next generation.  My cousin grew up in a very ungodly home, with a lot of drama inside that household.  My heart has often gone out for him and his brothers, as well as my uncle.  Many prayers have been raised before the Throne of our King for their salvation.

So when I heard of the expected child, my brain was full of thoughts, asking again and again, ‘what can I do to reach them?’

I decided on a rather unorthodox baby gift, but an absolute necessity for parenting…a Bible.

During the few months my husband worked at the restaurant, my cousin’s girlfriend saw me and my kids often.  She saw the interaction between myself and the girls (Alexander wasn’t born yet), and between the girl.  On more than one occasion she commented on their behavior, how well they shared, etc.  Clearly, she didn’t see the times they threw temper tantrums, or had attitudes, but she saw that something was different.  During one of our visits she may a joking comment about hiring us (my husband and I) to raise her kids when she has them.

The credibility that was established then would now be used by God as an opportunity to share the Gospel.

So here we are today, with her and my cousin expecting their first child any day.  My cousin comes from a broken family;( I do not know about her background).  I could not think of a better gift than to tell her ‘my secret.’  How is it that we have respectful, well-behaved children?  It certainly isn’t any special talent innate to me but rather the grace of God, having changed me on the inside, impacting the way our family operates.

I left the restaurant travailing for them that day, and the next, while getting and delivering the Bible.  My prayer has been that God would open their hearts, that our visible testimony would soften their hearts enough to, 1. read the Word, and 2. receive it with repentance and faith.  That upon them, they would change the legacy that has been passed down to them.  That they would stand on the Rock of Christ, the first in their families, altering the trajectory of their offspring.  That they would break the pattern of broken households, and even turn their family and friends to the Lord through the living testimony that they produce with their expected son.

Would you pray for them as well?