We have flip-flopped over the 7 years of our marriage between having and not having a television.  I generally watch it when we have it, but don’t miss it when we don’t.  We have been TV-less for almost 18 months…that is, until this month.  With the World Cup  here, I compromised on my ‘no TV stance’ so hubby could have his fill of soccer for the month.  The cable will be promptly canceled right after Argentina wins. 😉

As you could probably guess, if we each had our way, I would vote no TV, and hubby would vote for TV (he misses his sports!) I’m not anti-TV because I’m some über-spiritual person, but rather because I’m not!  I’d prefer to not have that temptation starring at me each day.  Our 1-month exception has reinforced my stance that I HATE TV.

I don’t hate the concept of TV.  I don’t hate all the shows available to watch (although most are pure trash!).  I certainly don’t hate the Food Network.  But I do hate the way it seems to suck up time.  I do hate how there seems to be a magnetic field that draws me to the couch, with remote control in hand, mindlessly flipping the bazillion channels available even though there is nothing decent on.  I do hate how my kids turn into zombies when its on, as everything else seems to fade into the background and their eyes are fixed upon the images.  I hate how good TV programmers are at creating a story to catch your interest and draw you in, leaving me to wonder, ‘what happens next?’ as if it were real life.

I do hate that even on a channel like the Food Network, in a 10 minute time period there were 2 commercials that easily fit into the category of soft-porn, and 1 very scary movie preview.  I do hate how there is a constant barrage if images, trying to vie for the affection of my children.  I hate how even my attention can get fixed upon the TV – even the game – to the extent that I get impatient with my children if they impede my view.  I hate how I want to spend my evenings zoning out in front of the TV instead of reading, or even cleaning.  I hate how my instinct in the morning is to say to my kids, ‘let’s see whats on TV,’ rather then saying, ‘let’s read some books.’

So, I’ll enjoy the rest of the world cup, and maybe get my fill of some of my old favorites, but am looking toward July 12 when the cable can be turned off, and I can remove this temptation from my living room.