It started with a rolling Chef’s Table I bought from Costco.  Excited to have some extra prep room in my small kitchen, I eagerly opened the box to assemble the item.  That’s when it happened.  I was overwhelmed by the smell.  It’s a hard smell to describe, but once you’ve smelled it, you know what it is.  Sort of a chemical smell.  Very unpleasant.  You can almost feel your cilia burning up and your lungs being poisoned.   It’s awful.

My first thoughts were, ‘what in the world?’  I investigate the instructions, only to see “Made in China.’  ahh, so that’s what China smells like.

Today, I was at the sports store looking for some cross trainers.  I went to the Brooks, a solid, respectable shoe company.  Opened the box to try them on, and WHAM, hit with that stench.  Smarter from the last experience my first thought was, ‘these must be made in China.’  Lo and behold, I was correct.  (side note, do not be deceived by the packaging of Brooks, with “USA” plastered on their boxes.  Every Brooks shoe I looked at was made in China)

I looked at some small, indoor trampolines, thinking of my kids and the fun they would have bouncing about (a nice alternative to bouncing off the walls).  I opened the box to take a peek at the innards, and again, the overwhelming smell of China.  It’s worse than the infamous odor of New Jersey!

There are many reasons people steer clear of products made in China.  Political, human rights concerns over their sweat shops.  I’ll add one more, the surely poisonous chemicals that protrude such a repulsive odor, that would have a constant in your home.

As for me, I’ll be checking the “Made in” labels a bit more closely in the future.