What’s that old saying, ‘there’s a first for everything?’

Well, I’ve had 2 firsts this week, both of the unpleasant kind.

First, my 1-year-old has a bowel movement while sitting in his high chair.  Not a big deal, until I go to pick him up and realize that his diaper caught 10% of it.  And it wasn’t a nice, solid expulsion.  Needless to say, it was a mess.

On the flip side, the high chair was washed for the first time in 4 years.

My second ‘first’ was something of an urban legend to me up until yesterday.  I’ve heard of such tales.  Seen examples on ‘Nanny 911’.  But I always thought, ‘do kids really ever act like that?’  Well, I got my answer.

Now, I’ve dealt with the average case of grumpies in all sorts of venues.  I can handles those for the most part, but I was totally unprepared for this nightmare.

My 4-year-old (who seems to be going through the terrible two’s 2 years late), had a full on, legs kicking, arms swinging temper tantrum in the middle of Trader Joe’s.  For those who know her, this may seem hard to believe, but oh, did it happen.

I know the textbook response.  Take the child out to the car, sacrificing the grocery trip.  Send the message that they are not in control, and that their behavior is unacceptable.  Do not give in, stand strong.  But what do you do when your kids have already consumed 3 bananas that you rightfully should pay for (gotta love the by-the-banana-pricing, munching on a banana while shopping is often a cranky kid antidote) , and the store is rather crowded, which would make a quick-pay-and-leave unfeasible?

In hindsight, I’m sure I could have spoken to a worker there, they probably would have told me to forget about the bananas, and I could have made my exit.  But at the time, I was thinking about how I’m going to control this WAY out of control child, while not losing the other two, and what about my reusable shopping bags, which were buried under a mound of groceries?

I settled for a quick stop in the rest room where I gave a good talking to and made lots of empty threats.

We finished the trip with a little less volume (although by then, the ENTIRE STORE knew we were there), and managed to get to the car, after which we proceeded to my husbands place of work. (he can work wonders with the girls.  It is truly amazing!!).

All in all, I’m thankful.  I’m thankful that it took 4 years before I had to clean poop out of the high chair, and glad that it took 4 years before I had a full-on meltdown in a public place.  I’m hoping that it’ll be 4 more before either occur again.