Last night I took my soon-to-be-3-year-old to a LI Ducks game.  They are a minor league baseball team in my area.  My husband has taken each of the girls a few times before.  This time, when he announced the free tickets, I quickly claimed them, as this was my change to go.

Over dinner he asked if I knew how to get there.  I did not, but had planned on mapping it out (the wonders of technology).  Rather than saying all of that, I simply replied, ‘no’.  He offered directions which sounded quite simple.  I listened politely, but my heart’s intention was not so polite.

After dinner, as soon as I got into the car to leave, I whipped out my phone to activate the map.  My husband told me how to get there, but I knew better.  Surely, there was a more direct route.  Surely, a different exit would be faster.  He’d been there before, but really, what does he know?

As I typed in the destination address, I realized what I was doing.  Undermining him, behind his back.  Failing to respect him in thought and action.  Pridefully putting myself before him, thinking myself better, smarter, more capable.

In that instance I also realize that this is a pattern for me.  I often dismiss his thoughts, opinions, suggestions if not verbally, then certainly in my head.   Often, I find out some time later that he was indeed right!

Take, for example, a hokey pokey, backwards relief for back pain he has talked about.  In his country (El Salvador) on thing folks did was put a cup on the area of pain, light a match, and put the match under the cut (or something like that.  I never did pay much attention).  For years I’ve laughed at him for this, chalking it up to the backwards ways of his country…only to see this on Dr. Oz recently as an effective method for temporary relief.  Egg on my face!

An honest mistake thought, right?  I mean, here I am, an American, highly educated, and here he is, an immigrant with no education.  Common sense says I’d have been wisdom, right?  Or am I mistaking common sense for pride?

I’m beginning to recognize that maybe my husband does have something thoughtful to contribute.  Maybe his ideas are valid, even better than my own.  Maybe I can trust that his unique background actually provides a wealth of wisdom that is absent in America today.  From his worldview and perspective on life, to food and eating habits, and everything in between, the strange things my husband says may be nuggets of wisdom he brings to our marriage and family

His directions were spot on last night, as usual.  I found the field without any problem, which is saying a lot, as I have gotten lost coming home before.  I left the house so sure that i was so right, and I came home a teensy bit more humble.