We currently rent a townhouse is a townhouse rental community.  It’s a nice little community.  There are two “tot-lots,” or playgrounds for the kids, three tennis courts (which we often use), a few pools, and some other amenities.  If you ignore the fact that we are right next to the town dump, it’s overall a great place to live.  But we are just passing through.

Renting for us is (hopefully) a temporary thing.  We desire to own a home one day.  We want to have a place that is ours and for our kids know we won’t be moving again in a year or so.  As nice as our rental is, it is a rental.

Almost two years ago we came across a crazy guy names Dave Ramsey, who actually used common sense in discussing money.  We went through his Total Money Makeover, and became debt-free last November.  We finally got our act together and began handling our money like grownups.

We are currently saving like crazy, spending very little on ‘things’ and ‘toys’.  One day, when we do own a home outright, we will likely then buy some ‘things’ and ‘toys’ for ascetics or fun or whatever.  But this is not that time.

So it amazes me, as I go on walks with my kids through our complex at the ‘things’ and ‘toys’ I see many people have.  Cars that cost a small fortune…Porsches, Escalades, lots of Beemers and Benz’s.  And there are folks who have backyard set ups you’d expect to see at a house – hammocks hanging on wooden posts set into the ground, some fantastic gardening skills with beautiful flowers, and garden ornaments.

It makes me wonder if these folks have any aspiration for home ownership, or are they content renting forever.  Some people consciously make a decision to rent instead of buy, I realize that.   But a lot of these are young families, don’t they want better for their kids, and for themselves?   Permanence and security?   Are they too caught up in toys that they are missing out on something better?  Are you?  Am I?

The Bible says that the Christian is just a traveler in this world.  This is not our home.   Our citizenship is in heaven.  The same thought process I went through looking at the neighbors came back upon me just as fast.  I need to check myself sometimes…am I living consistent with the truth that I am just passing through, or am I collecting worldly ‘things’ and ‘toys’ as if this is my eternal home.  As we do pursue the goal of owning a home, is it with the awareness that even that home is a temporary one, that is to be used in the service of God for the advancement of His Gospel?  Or is it a ‘thing’ I want to accumulate and rest in, instead of resting in God.

I’m just passing through, how about you?