Our congregation is celebrating an unexpected, amazing adoption that has taken place this past week.  A dear couple who has been unable to have a child of their own took home their brand new baby boy just a few days ago.  They began pursuing adoption a few years ago, but nothing ever came of it, until about a month ago when they received a call out of the blue.  A mother was due with a child in early September, and for various reasons, was unable to keep the child.  Years of prayer by, and on behalf of, this couple were answered just this past week.

In our worship service this morning, as a community, we recognized God’s amazing kindness shown through this adoption.  As our pastor was sharing the story, I couldn’t help but reflect on my adoption into God’s family.  And for years to come, as we see this boy grow, we will all be reminded of the adoption we each received, from sons and daughters of disobedience into the royal court of the Lord.  What a vivid reminder, what a blessing.

This couple was not in attendance today, due to ‘being up all night’, as recounted by our Pastor.  I chuckled as I thought of the ‘blessing of sleeplessness’ this couple is now enjoying.  When one is adopting, they can predict some of the trials that come with being a parent.  Sleepless nights is a gimme.  Trials in training and disciplining are inevitable as this boy grows and begins to exert his own will.  I’m sure this couple will be testing and tried, as we all are when we embark on parenthood, but the specific heartaches that await them are a mystery, and maybe for their own benefit.  It’s easy to think in general terms of what a parent will endure, but it is impossible to know the exact difficulties that await.

Yet God knew those exact difficulties when He chose to adopt me, yet He chose me nonetheless.  He knew the disobedience that would come, the selfish pride that I would exert, and the multitude of other sins that would inflict punishment on His beloved Son, in order to purchase my forgiveness, yet He chose me anyway.  I will never get past this amazing truth.

The excitement of being a parent can sometimes cloud logic, in a good way.  If we really knew all the pains, trials, and troubles that a particular child would create, we might think twice (and also might forfeit the blessings that would come).  God was not love sick when He chose me.  He was not blinded by optimism.  No, He knew EXACTLY what it meant to chose me to be His own.  He knew EXACTLY the price that would be paid to purchase my redemption, and did so anyway.  Amazing love, how can it be, that thou my God shouldst die for me!

Adoption can sometimes hold a negative connotation.  Folks sometimes try pick out the adopted kid.  They sometimes ask, ‘which ones are yours’ as if the adopted child/children aren’t really yours.  Much of this comes from ignorance as to what adoption really is.  In the truest, Biblical sense, people do not fully understand adoption, even within the church.

Sitting in the pew today, I was thinking about how I would explain this new baby to my 4 year old.  Trying to think with a 4-year-old brain, she knows this couple, and she knows the Mrs. was not pregnant (no big belly, a dead give away), so how does she have a baby?  How would I explain adoption so that a 4-year-old could understand?

I am still developing my explanation, but one thing I know is that this is a wonderful opportunity to remind her that God choses and adopts us for His family.  However I put together the words for her, I will be sure to NOT miss this golden opportunity to share with her the Gospel of salvation!