So life has gotten a bit more hectic in our household.  School is back in session which means I am up at my old high school 5-6 days a week coaching soccer.  I coached last year and had a blast.  I was looking forward to this season, but that excitement has quickly diminished.

Maybe it’s the added drama of disgruntled parents that I didn’t experience last year. Maybe it’s the way the varsity coach and I did NOT hit it off on the right foot.  Maybe it’s the added driving time, since we live farther that last year, which means added time away from my family.  Or the fact that we have someone watching our kids 5 days a week now, instead of just 2 like last year.  Or maybe it’s the mild, but constant pregnancy induced nausea I experience from the moment I open my eyes in the moment until the moment they close, at 8-8:30 each night.  The paycheck is a big help, but I’ve been wondering if it’s worth the tradeoff.

Whatever the reason of my discontent, I’ve become a whiner.  I woke up this past Monday thinking about the phone calls that likely await my return (from unhappy parents of kids that were cut) or some drama that may occur with the other coach, the hectic afternoon of packing up the kids to get them to the babysitter, etc, all these thoughts within 10 seconds of consciousness.

And as quickly as these thoughts came, I shut them down.  My thoughts switched to my husband who wakes up every day long before me and is on his way to work before the sun even rises. He works as many as 80 hours a week, then comes home and helps with the kids.  Instead of spending his one day off each week (which is often really a half-a-day, since he sometimes works at night) sleeping and lounging around the house, he is up with the kids, cooking breakfast and playing with them.  He does all of this without complaining,  but willingly, even joyfully.  So I told myself, ‘self, suck it up!’  And besides, my unhappiness ends in a short 7 weeks…the countdown has begun.