I’ve been watching a documentary called “Babies” that I got from Netflix.  It follows four newborns during their first year of life, in four different locations: Nigeria, Mongolia, Tokyo, and San Francisco.

It is fascinating to see the pampered American and Japanese baby attend baby music classes, in contrast to the Nigerian baby who is often seen playing in the dirt with rocks, sticks and such.  To see the diaper-less societies, and the just about naked society.  The city babies and the as remote as you can possibly get babies.

But the among all the differences shown in culture, there is one striking similarity that runs through each story….the universality of sin, even in the youngest of people.

The documentary opens with two adorable Nigerian babies, ever-so-slightly older siblings of the newborn, playing side by side.  The younger turns to the oldest and, unprovoked, decides to bite.  The oldest, in return, gives the younger a firm wallop on the head.

Later on you see the Mongolian baby sitting, doing nothing, with his older sibling repeatedly hitting him with a shirt, as the baby fusses in disapproval.

The Japanese baby throws an all out temper tantrum in frustration as she plays with a toy in her toy room.

I am certain the American baby is due for some sort of fit, I just haven’t gotten that far in the documentary yet.

Sin has no language barrier.  It touches the old and young alike.  It reaches from the cities to the most remote stretches of land in far away places.  No culture and no color is exempt.  There is no place to hide, because sin isn’t some outside force that impedes upon us, but rather an inner reality that exists in each and every one of us.  We can escape sin because sin is part of the package.  From the day we are formed we are filled with this disease called sin.

Thankfully, we do have a Refuge.  His name is Jesus Christ.  Through faith and repentance, we can unload our burden and guilt of sin upon Him, as He joyfully endures our punishment in order to redeem us and make us right with God.

Just as sin knows no barrier, neither does the Gospel.  From the city to the most remote parts of the earth, everyone who is breathing is in need of the saving grace offered only through Christ.  Are we doing enough to bring that Good News to the ends of the earth?