If I ever write a book on motherhood, I think I will title it “Mom, interrupted.”  Isn’t that a good description of life once little people enter the picture.  How I long for uninterrupted activities.

An uninterrupted nap

An uninterrupted time to read the Word

An uninterrupted night of sleep (that ends when I want it to end, not prematurely due to early risers)

An uninterrupted time in the morning to shower and get dressed.

Children think that everything revolves around them, so why not interrupt mom?  Despite my best instructions, my best threats, my best explanation for what constitutes an emergency, someone is bound to think that their scenario is a legitimate reason to interrupt mom.

“Kids, go play in your room while I take my shower and get dressed”

“okay mommy” they bound off…only to hear, ‘knock, knock’  ‘mooooommmmmmyyyyyyy?  annabella has the book, and I want the book, but she took the book, etc etc etc’

They try, I will give them that…and some of them try harder then others.  It is evident in comments like, ‘mommy, I know your taking a nap, buuuuuuuttttttttttt…”

I always say it’s a good thing they are so cute, because from day 1 they are demanding you give up sleep to feed and change them, and the demands don’t stop.  If I didn’t like ’em so much, we could have a problem.

I know there will come a day when these little ones aren’t so little anymore, and their dependance upon mommy lessens, and they eventually leave home and create their own households…I am certain that at that time I will miss all of these little interruptions…but between now and then, I’d just like to take a nap without being needed.