How often do I make life more difficult than it needs to be?  How often to I unnecessarily add to my work load, create my own burdens, and as a result, set up my own failure and disappointment.

I’m talking about setting myself up as a Mommy Martyr.

When I attempt to make a 3-course meal, with the mindset that such a meal makes me a better wife and mother.  When I attempt said meal with foods I’ve never prepared before, because I feel more ‘June Cleaver’ doing so.  When I refuse to ask for help from either my children or my husband, thinking, ‘they should just know and offer help.’  Refusing to ask for help because doing it solo is more godly, and I should have my act together after all.

I have a tendency to put on this Mommy Martyr persona from time to time.  Most often, my attempt at being a good martyr fail, and the result is that I am frustrated with myself and/or my family.

Do you have that tendency?  Do you try to do more than is reasonable for your current stage of life?  Do you take on tasks bigger than you can handle solo, and then refuse to ask for help on principle?

If so, join me as I (attempt) to shed this alter ego, who doesn’t offer any positive contribution to life.