There is a laundry list of reasons why my husband and I have chosen homeschooling for our children.  One of those reasons has been very evident in the past few days.

My oldest child is 4, and comes up with some amazingly thought-provoking spiritual questions.  You can just see the wheels turning in her head as she tries to wrap her 4-year-old brain around some very large concepts.  I love watching her think through my answers, pondering deeply these spiritual truths.

I had another such episode with her today.  Afterwards I paused and relished in the privilege of answering her questions.  And it occurred to me, this is one of the ‘little things’ that I would miss if I shipped her off to daycare or preschool.

Firstly, she would not have the opportunity to ask me questions like, ‘mommy, what does it mean to repent?’  Could you imagine her asking a preK teacher that question? Could you imagine the answer that might come back.

It’s very likely that such thoughts wouldn’t even cross her mind in those settings. Life is structure all day, a time and a place for each any every topic, and very little leeway for ‘free thinking.’  So even if the teacher was capable of providing a biblical answer, the opportunity would be lacking.

And I would not have the opportunity  to fulfill my responsibility as mom to teach her God’s truth  ‘diligently…when I sit in my house, and when I walk by the way, and when I lie down, and when I rise.’  How can I possibly fulfill that command when my child is apart from me for 4, 5+ hours a day?

You see, most often these questions come up at random times.  Occasionally they are asked during our Bible time, when I teach them scripture memory or catechism questions.  But more often it’s a result of lyrics to a song I have playing while making lunch, or completely out of left field with no external provoking.  These are times that cannot be scripted or planned.  They do not fit in nicely to the 3-5pm time frame, after she gets off the bus.  They occur sporadically.  They occur during daily life. While folding laundry or making breakfast.  They occur while I sit in my house and go for walks outside, during nap time, and when we wake up in the mornings.

These are moments given by God, in His mercy, hopefully for the spiritual benefit of my children, but certainly for my edification.