This morning, as I slowly gained the motivation to get out of bed and get going for the day, I watched my 21-month-old as he bounced on my bed, threw the two bouncy balls over the side, and bolted down off the bed after them.   He thought this was hysterical.  Playing catch with himself, he was completely entertained.

Climbing onto my bed takes some effort from this little tyke.  It’s like climbing a mountain for him, requiring all extremities to partake in the task.

So when he returned to the bedside with a ball in each hand, he had a dilemma.  He needs both hands to climb up, so what to do?  I watched with eagerness to see his decision.

He initially attempted to climb while holding a ball in each hand, but quickly realized that was not going to work.  He paused, looking at the bed for a moment, calculating in his head the next move.  In an instant, and with such decisiveness, he dropped both balls, and quickly climbed up, only to reach the ‘peak of the mountain’ without his toys.  Realizing that he left the goods behind, he climbed back down and picked them up.

Once again, he stood and looked, contemplating his predicament.  What to do?

This was not a new scenario.  He often faces this dilemma.  Replace the object with Pooh Bear, and this could be any night.

Thoroughly amused at the problem solving skills of this 21-month-old, I offered a hint.  So he placed each ball atop the bed, freeing both hands for the climb.  After scaling the mountain, he resumed the game of throwing them off the bed and chasing after them.