Food.  The inevitable battle with every child at some point, at least it seems so in my house.  Getting them to actually eat the food, and not just play with it.  Getting them to eat food that isn’t just white.  Convincing them to try new things before declaring they don’t like it.

As babies, my kids each seemed to eat everything.  With a few exceptions, they would devour whatever I put in front of them.  But each seemed to outgrow that a bit, and my middle child is the toughest thus far. On a regular basis she declares that she doesn’t like dinner even before she knows that dinner is for that night.  If she does take a look first, she makes a decision as to whether or not she is going to eat it based on how it appears.

What am I going to do with this child?  How do I get her to eat something other than bread, noodles and pancakes?

I finally realized that the child would not die of starvation, and while her diet was less than ideal, she would survive.  Thinking back on the things I ate as a kid, McD’s once a week, sodas, chips, etc…I convinced myself that she would be okay…and that maybe, one day, as she got older, as I patiently introduced new tastes, she would venture out.

Well, I think that day has finally come.

In our household, we regularly make a variety of fresh juices and green smoothies.  My oldest LOVES carrot juice.  The youngest loves every juice.  My personal favorite is the Dr. Oz green juice.

For the longest time I couldn’t get #2 to even try the juice – any of the juices.  I could understand if she tried it and didn’t like it, but she wouldn’t even try.  Argh.

Well, recently, she decided to taste my green juice.  She loves to help make the juice, but never before did she ask for a taste.  I couldn’t believe she wanted a taste. Amazingly, she kept on drinking.  She actually, genuinely enjoyed it.

My green juice is now a regular part of her mornings.  Amazing.

A while ago we also instituted a rule that you have to try a bite of everything on your plate at dinner time.  This was to combat the ‘I don’t like it’ (even though I’ve never tried it) habit that was developing.  It was a fight at first with both of the girls.  I would literally have to check and make sure that the food went in, and did not come back out.  But lately, Annabella proudly announces, ‘Mommy, I took a bit of the X.’

So maybe they do come around eventually.  Maybe it’s not worth the battle.