I’ve been delinquent lately with posting.  I have a backlog of topics, but just haven’t had the diligence to set aside the time to write.  I’ll start with a brief update, for those who actually read my blog.

We’re T-4 weeks away from meeting baby #4.  The nesting instinct has kicked in and organizing has been my theme lately.  We are taking an Ikea trip tonight to find a dresser, so that this baby has a place for his/her clothes, which I still need to fish out of the garage.

We have our girls in a bunk bed now, and Alexander in his own big boy bed – passed down from his big sister.  They are all in one room, freeing up space for the baby in our bedroom.  We are ‘cozy.’  I am hopeful that a house with at least 3-bedrooms is in our near future.  Gotta love NY housing costs.

Our ‘big boy’ is now 2.  He had his birthday yesterday.  I turned 30 in March, which my husband is loving, while he remains 29 for another month.  Then he will be old as well.

Our homeschooling has been a bit in consistent lately as well, with trying to get everything done while I still have the energy to be upright.  With the girls being 3 & 5, I keep reminding myself that missing a lesson here and there will not doom them into mediocrity for life.

As the aches and pain and tiredness hit, chasing after three children and carrying one, I am constantly reminded that I am indeed human.  Thankfully, my God never grows weary and never slumbers.