This is one of the topics I’ve had on the back burner for sometime now.

Very quickly after our second child was born, I became quite aware of some glaring holes in my training up of our oldest.  It is much harder to overlook disobedience when you have a newborn needing to be fed, changed, rocked, etc.  The needs of that newborn often need to take precedent over other things in the household, and a disobedient 18 month old goes from being something you can overlook to a major issue.  The two biggest areas were in getting her to take a nap without a fuss, and immediate, first-time obedience, without exception.

With the expectation of this new newborn, I am once again seeing the need to sure-up some areas of training with Alexander.  Don’t get me wrong, I wish I didn’t have these parenting gaps.  I wish I dealt consistently with all aspects of training him up, each and every day..but the reality is that I am not consistent, and looking ahead to having a new baby in the house makes that all the more evident.

So, I’ve instituted ‘Bubba boot camp,’ ‘Bubba’ being a nickname he somehow acquired.  I need to whip this boy into shape (figuratively speaking) before the baby arrives, for my own sanity, as well as for his own good.  It’s amazing how quickly I can get fatigued due to the constant nature of training and discipline my children.  The daily battles over the same sin issues can wear me down, and make me want to hide under a blanket.

Even as I type this, I have him sitting next to me, playing with a pillow, and refusing to put it down as I have told him to.  In the short-term, it is so much easier to a) ignore the disobedience, b) get louder until I scare him into obeying c) throw the pillow myself so he cannot play with it.  All of these options, however, will fail produce the fruit of righteousness that I desire to see in his life.  Each fails to image God’s standard of obedience and the consequences of disobedience.  And each will cause me more grief in three-weeks when I am instructing him to do the same thing, but with a newborn in my arms.  My diligence now, overcoming my laziness now, will reap the blessing of an obedient child later.

So to my Bubba – prepare for boot camp!  Mama is crackin’ down on you buster!  My lack of training needs correcting, and time is running short.