It’s strange – yet at the same time completely understandable.  I find that life seems so much less complicated on Sunday mornings.  Standing among my forever family, with my children on either side of me, hands lifted, singing praises to our Lord and King…all the problems, worries and concerns of life melt away.  Life seems to simple.  Life is about praising our God.  No stress in that moment, just joy as I reflect on His amazing love, bestowed upon me, in the person of His Son, my Lord.

Why can’t every moment between Sundays produce that same peace?

Oh, how I long for each Sunday morning.  It is indeed the highlight of my week, and I pray that as my children grow they see that joy, and Sundays become the highlight of their week as well.

I leave church on Sunday, and step back into ‘reality.’  Monday rolls around, as do the daily tasks of laundry, homeschooling, cleaning, etc, only to long for the next Sunday to come.

Oh, for the day that Christ returns, and every ‘day’ becomes our Sabbath day, as well dwell with him in Glory – beyond all the earthly toil we now face each day.