Who doesn’t appreciate a good sense of humor?  Who doesn’t enjoy a good, hearty laugh.  Who doesn’t envy (at least just a little bit) the guy or gal who has that quick wit?  I know I do.

Humor is powerful.  Humor is a gift from God.  Humor can be amazingly effective it diffuse tense situations – especially as a mom.

I am (slowly) learning to effectively implement humor in ways that bring correction without escalating the situation.

Just a few minutes ago at lunch today my girls were sitting next to each other.  Annabella whines, “Abigail just wiped spit on me.”  I looked at Abigail and could tell she was guilty of something, but it isn’t like her to wipe spit – Annabella would be more likely the culprit of that crime.  Abigail confirmed that she did not wipe spit on her sister, it was sauce.  [ahh, much better.  sauce]

What to do?  It was all in good fun, kind of.  Abigail knows better.  No one is hurt.  No one is crying.  Abigail was unkind, Annabella is prone to get upset easily and could quickly turn to crying.  The offense does need to be addressed, but how?

“That’s so she can eat you later when your sleeping.”

Smiles all around.  Annabella – the offended – laughs.  Abigail’s guilty/scared face fades away as she sees that Mama isn’t going to berate her, and she smiles.  Even the 2-year-old thought it was quite funny.

With everyone laughing, I’m able to remind Abigail that she wasn’t kind (which she already knows).  She is able to hear and receive the correction without her pride getting in the way.  A melt-down is averted (always a good thing), and I get to pretend I’m so witty for a few moments.

Problem solved.