We are all imitators.  It’s not a question of whether we imitate, but rather what we imitate.

I’ve had a vivid reminder of this lately with my 2-year-old son.  Part of our daily routine usually includes Go Fish Guys videos on youtube.  It didn’t take long before he began to mimic the fella in the way they sang the songs, danced or played their instruments.  It cracks me up watching him praise the Lord so enthusiastically due to these videos.  In this case, he is imitating good things, holy things, pure things.

Fireproof has become a favorite movie for my kids lately.  They all like the firefighter action, my son especially.  He has begun quoting the movie, ‘never leave your partner behind, ‘specially in fires.’  Well, he does his best.  And mimicking Caleb.

I have a small garbage pail outside our front door to house the ‘stinky diapers’ because I grew tired of our house and then our garage always smelling wretched.  One day as we were getting ready to go somewhere, he was outside throwing the garbage pail against the wall, and then picking up the diapers and putting them back in.  I corrected him, letting him know that was not okay.  It took a few times of this happening before my daughter explained that he was copying Caleb.  Ah, that makes perfect sense.  But uh-oh, he had picked up that behavior too.

Both of these stories have showed me how my children can be so easily influenced by what they see and hear, but it isn’t just kids.

How many of us adults think that we are free from being influenced by the culture?  That we are so spiritual to think that outside stimuli do not effect us?  I would like to believe this, but I know better.

My husband is a restaurant cook, so when Hell’s Kitchen came out a few years ago, he couldn’t wait to tune in each week.  Gordon Ramsey was entertaining, to say the least, and it was neat to watch the action of the kitchen, so I would often tune in with him.  But a few weeks later I noticed I was growing more impatient with my kids.  I realized that I had adopted a few of the mannerisms of Gordon Ramsey.  For anyone familiar with him or the show, that isn’t really a good thing.  More than once I barked at them like Ramsey did on the show, except these weren’t contestants, they were my children, little gifts from God.  I wish I was above being so influenced, but I am not, so I have chosen to tune-out from this particular show.

We are either growing more like Christ or growing away from Him.  We are either imitating our Heavenly Father or Satan.  There really is no middle ground.  There are plenty of outside influences that we simply cannot avoid each and every day. Unwholesome billboards that we have to drive by, cursing coworkers who talk about  their latest sexually immoral fling, etc.  As Christians we are to guard our minds.  We are to renew our minds.  Not with the latest sitcom, but with the Word of Christ.  We are to dwell on that Word richly.

So my brothers and sisters, by what are you being most influenced today?  Who are what are you most imitating today?  Is it your Savior, or something else?