For the past 4 years, I have been intentionally unemployed in one sense, yet in another I hold down 3 full time jobs.  I left corporate america to take on the 24-7 job of mommy.  The day I walked out of the office for the last time was such a joyous day for me.  So I traded in one type of work for one that doesn’t pay nearly as well, but the benefits are endless – kisses and hugs all around.  Plus, I get to be the boss, and I get to remind my kids that I’m the boss…how fun!

But, even though I have left the office, my business brain refuses to be quiet.  I have finally admitted to myself that I am an entrepreneur in spirit – now I just have to follow through and become an entrepreneur in practice.

It’s in my blood, it’s in my schooling, and if there is a DNA marker for entrepreneurism, I’m pretty sure I’d have it.

My dad is an entrepreneur.  He started a business in our basement when I was little.  I loved having him there.  Occasionally my brothers and I would forget that dad is working downstairs and we’d hear a shout from the basement, ‘YOU KIDS SOUND LIKE A HEARD OF ELEPHANTS UP THERE,’ so we learned to walk softly in the dining room.  When his business grew enough to move into an office, the highlight of my week was spending Saturday morning there with him licking stamps, twirling around in a chair, or being helpful in some other very important.  In High School I was part of the business clubs – the only clubs I joined.  Then I went off to the Wharton School of Business for my undergrad degree.

Since I was a little tike, I have always wanted my own business.  My first venture was in middle school.  I started buying candies at Costco and reselling them at school for a profit.  Before the bus even arrived at school on my grand opening, I had 4 friends volunteer as salesmen.  Unfortunately I was never schooled in maintaining inventory or managing people because I am pretty sure they literally ate most of my profits. That gig lasted a few weeks.

I was a soccer trainer for a while, making very good money for a teenager.  I had a few private clients, and trained 2 different teams.

In college, instead of studying during a study session, I complained to my best friend that I didn’t know what I wanted to do after graduation.  Like a good friend, and probably hoping that I’d just shut up, she and I developed a business concept around my long time hobby of soccer.  It never took off, I was too chicken to take the steps to execute.

Three years ago I came up with a baby product, inspired by my oldest child.  The making of that has stalled a several times in trying to find the right raw materials.

Two years ago hubby and I launched a consulting company.

Hubby’s goal is to have a restaurant of his own, which would make him an entrepreneur, although I don’t think he looks at it like that.  And it’s an unstated certainty that I’ll be the business side of that operation.

I have had a book in the works since my college days, oh 9 years ago…but I guess that would make me an aspiring author, not an entrepreneur.  I do hope to actually finish that one day and offer it as an ebook…but don’t hold your breath.  I have two other book ideas that have come from my experience as a mommy.

In the meantime, this writer-want-to-be gets to ‘play author’ here, for an audience of one, and on a good day, three or four.

In the past week my brain has once again exploded with ideas, and I’m trying to write them down before I forget them.  I’m also revising my baby product idea.  With so many old friends starting out their families, I got inspired to see if I can actually get this thing made.  Another possible consulting biz.  Another blog maybe or a new trade magazine.  A twice a year event to host a used baby item tent sale, oh the ideas keep flowing.

One might think that with every additional child, the energy level would drop and my brain might actually quiet down.  But instead, the number of new ideas seems to grow exponentially in relation to the number of children.   Whenever I say to my darling husband, ‘husband, I have a new idea’, he smiles with his charming smile, but I just know he is really thinking, ‘oh no, here we go again,’ to which I reply, ‘it’s an adventure.’

So I’m off to continue my adventure.

oh, and a definitely think the entrepreneur thing is genetic because my brother caught it too.  If you are a lacrosse fan, you’ll want to check him out at: